Let’s now explore the changing brain function in a person living with dementia. The highway system analogy used in the video below is an illustration of brain function.

Please feel free to pause the video whenever you need to consider the points shared or to note questions for further discussion.


First Link Connection - The Brain as a Highway System (FULL Version)

We hope the analogy of brain function as a highway system has been helpful to you. If you'd like to watch the video again from beginning to end or are doing so for the first time, please feel free to pause it whenever you need and jot down any questions that arise.


For Reflection

After you watch the video, take a few minutes to reflect on the following questions.  Feel free to make some notes.


Additional Resources

You may also hear about the connections between Alzheimer’s disease and other illnesses. Click on the links below to be taken to the Alzheimer Society of Canada National Resource Library.


There are many rare types of dementia that can be view on the website such as:



Understanding Dementia - Tips and Tricks


Download these PDFs of the Video Transcript if you would like to print a copy and save as a reference.

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Connecting to the right supports early in the dementia journey, can make a big difference in the quality of life for both the person with dementia and the care partner.  First Link® connects individuals and families to:


Dementia education programs offering information about diagnosis and disease progression, day-to-day living, positive approaches to care, strategies for responding to challenges and how to prepare for the future.


Alzheimer Society programs and services, information about other community and health services.


Support groups and individual support.


Watch this short video to hear from Christene Gordon, Provincial Lead, Client Services, about how the First Link program can help with the dementia journey.


First Link Alberta video

Watch this short, animated video about the First Link referral program and how it opens the door to counselling and support programs.


Additional Reading

Benefits of a First Link Referral

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First Link Brochure

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