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Part 1: Feelings and Unmet Needs

Watch the video below and listen to a conversation with Geriatric Psychology Nurse, Jeannine Chemello.  Jeannine talks about the types of behaviors people living with dementia sometimes experience in the middle stage of the disease.  She also discusses the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia and how best to respond with a problem-solving approach.

For reflection…

After you watch the video, take a few minutes to reflect on the following questions.  Feel free to make some notes.

  • What stood out for you as important messages?
  • What will you continue to do in your role as a care partner?  What will you stop or do differently?

To connect with community supports and resources for assistance with issues related to behaviours that challenge you, scroll to the Search bar at the top of the page and type a specific question or topic. 

The Alzheimer Society in your community can provide educational resources to help you learn more about the disease, referrals to help you access the practical support you need, and one-on-one and group support to help you cope with the emotional impact of the disease. 

Click on the location below to connect with the local Alzheimer Society Regional Office closest to you:


Fort McMurray

Grande Prairie


Red Deer


Medicine Hat


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