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Dementia may be something you have lived with for a while or a shorter time. As dementia progresses, the abilities of the person living with dementia change, too. They are working hard to keep up with daily life and need an increasing amount of support to make sense of the world around them. As dementia progresses, roles and responsibilities change for everyone involved. All the changes bring new emotions and grief.

The person living with dementia and their care partners need help and support with the changes. It takes a village to support someone living with dementia. The middle stage session will give you the following:

  • education about the changes you may encounter,
  • tips on how to address the changes
  • continue to support the person to have the best quality of life
  • opportunities to reflect on your emotions
  • offer suggestions of where to find support.

Open the following PDFs. The first one provides an overview of dementia, while the second one focuses on the middle stage.

Dementia Progression Overview

Dementia Progression Roadmap – Middle-stage

Keeping track of progress

Living with dementia can lead to significant changes in the plans of both individuals and their families. Your role as a care partner depends on the needs of the person with dementia and your specific situation. Use this checklist as a guide to help you plan for the future.

If you prefer to keep this list on your computer, download the fillable PDF below.

Fillable PDF Care Partner Checklist - Middle-stage

If you prefer having a printed copy, select the printable version and print below.

Printable version Care Partner Checklist - Middle-stage

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Seeds of Hope Family Learning series

Middle Stage

Sessions: 5

Session 1

Living with Change

Session 2

Expressions of Feelings and Needs

Session 3

Communication and Care Partnering

Session 4

Activities of Daily Living

Session 5

Managing Stress


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