Having a daily routine can reduce stress, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn how Zamplo can help you create and maintain healthy routines when it comes to medication compliance and activity tracking.

Recognizing patterns allows us to predict and expect what is coming.

See how recording and graphing your data routinely can help detect patterns in your mental and physical health.

Use your health data for proactive brain health.

Hear people living with dementia share their stories and provide tips. This will help us better understand and support those living with dementia. Care partners will speak about how they ensure their family member is *still here*.

Please join us for our first live meeting! Dr. David Sheard presents on understanding the real meaning of person centred care and know if your health care professional and/or
care community is really person centred.

*Please note that the start time is 7:00PM Alberta/MT time.

Meeting with Stephanie Heath on the next phase of the FL Evaluation.