Challenge Your Brain

Part 5: My Personal Action Plan

Completing a personal action plan can greatly enhance your motivation and keep you focused on what you can confidently achieve. It’s important that you succeed!

Take some time to think about what you will do to continue to maintain or improve your brain health.

Download and print a copy of the activity sheet My Personal Action Plan below.  Reflect on and answer the statements in both columns.  Then circle the number between 0 and 10 that represents your confidence level.

If you rate your confidence below a 7, you might want to look at the barriers and consider reworking your action plan so that it’s something you are confident that you can accomplish.

Source: Lorig, K. et al. (2007). Living a healthy life with chronic conditions (Canadian 3rd ed.) Boulder, CO: Bull Publishing Company.


My Personal Action Plan Brain Health

Download the activity sheet My Personal Action Plan:

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