Make Healthy Food Choices

Part 3: Using Canada's Food Guide

Canada's Food Guide encourages people to choose a variety of foods from each of the four food groups - Vegetables and Fruit, Grain Products, Milk and Alternatives, and Meat and Alternatives - and to include a specific amount and type of oils and fats. Following Canada's Food Guide and choosing a variety of foods, according to personal food preferences, will help people to get all the nutrients they need.

The rainbow design used in Canada's Food Guide illustrates the recommended proportion of each food group in a healthy eating pattern.

In Canada's Food Guide, the largest arcs - Vegetables and Fruit, and Grain Products - show that healthy eating includes a lot of vegetables, fruit and grains. The recommended number of servings is different for people at different stages of life and is different for males and females.

The types of foods that people eat are just as important as the amount. Canada's Food Guide also provides direction on specific foods to choose within each food group.

Refer to Canada's Food Guide for the recommended number of Food Guide Servings for males and females at each life stage.

If you haven't already printed a copy, click on the image below to download and print your own copy of Canada's Food Guide.

Canada's Food Guide is also available in a number of formats and 10 additional languages.  Go to

Source:  Health Canada


Eat well. Live well. Canada's Food Guide

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Personal Reflection Activity #1

One of the best ways to learn about Canada's Food Guide is to practice using it!

Take a few minutes to review the Guide.  As you read, circle the images of the items that you eat frequently.

  • Do you notice any patterns?
  • Does it appear that you eat a lot from one food group and not much from another? If so, what food group?
  • Are there one or more food groups that you think you would like to work on?


Personal Reflection Activity #2

Download the file below and print a copy of the My Healthy Eating Guide.

Find your age and sex on Canada's Food Guide.  Fill out the recommended number of Food Guide Servings from each food group in the table.  You can also use this Guide to track your daily totals.


My Healthy Eating Guide

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