Challenge your brain!
Challenge your brain!

Part 2: 8 Activities to Stimulate Your Brain

Challenging your brain doesn't have to be difficult. It can be as simple as dialing a phone number with your less dominant hand or as complex as learning a new language.

Remember, the goal is to give your brain a new experience and a workout every day.

Try some of these ideas!

  1. Play chess, word and number puzzles, jigsaws, crosswords and memory games.
  2. Pursue a new interest such as learning to play a musical instrument, taking a course or going to the theatre.
  3. Break your routine – take a different route to the store or change the order of your morning routine.
  4. Involve one or more of your senses in a novel way - write your name with your opposite hand.
  5. Read a book or go see a movie – discuss it with a friend.
  6. Pursue cultural activities like going to plays, museums, concerts and galleries.
  7. Keep up hobbies such as sewing, carpentry or take up a new hobby.
  8. Cross train your brain – try a variety of challenges.

Note: Your abilities, health and interests should be taken into consideration when choosing brain healthy activities. If you have questions about your own situation, speak to your doctor or health care provider.

Source: Alzheimer Society of Canada