Protect your head!
Protect your head!

Part 4: Choosing and Fitting a Helmet

Less than 20 per cent of reported bicycle injuries involve collisions with cars. Most occur in falls, or as a result of riders losing control. A bad fall can result from a skid, catching a wheel in a crack or even getting a shoelace caught in the chain.

In a spill, the forehead usually hits the ground first. Head injuries cause most bicycle-related deaths and can result in serious injury such as brain damage. Up to 88 per cent of serious head injuries could be prevented by wearing a helmet.

It is critical for you and your children to wear a bike helmet that fits properly and is certified by CSA International

Insist that your children always wear a helmet when riding. (It goes without saying that parents must set an example by always wearing theirs when cycling)

Remember, a helmet only works when you wear it!

When choosing a helmet:

  • You should try on several helmets carefully.
  • Level the helmet over your forehead and adjust the chin strap to fit snugly and comfortably.
  • It should protect the forehead without slipping forward or backward.
  • It should not move unless the scalp moves.

A trained salesperson will help you ensure the fit is right.

Source:  Canada Safety Council


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