Preparing for Changes Ahead

Part 4: Managing Feelings

To move from feeling “powerless” to “powerful” we need to plan to take control of our feelings and follow through on our plan so that we can move to a more positive state.  It may be helpful to experiment with different solutions to situations that are causing stress.

To move from the negative to the positive we need to let go of how we “wish” things were.  We also need to let go of trying to change the disease.  By accepting our current situation and focusing on each day we can move to a more powerful place.

Download and print a copy of the activity sheet below.  Take a few moments to review the recommended actions to manage your feelings.

These steps can be used to help you get in touch with the feelings that are most difficult for you as a care partner and to plan actions that will help you manage them.

Actions to Manage Feelings

Find people you are comfortable with to share your feelings and emotions with. This may be a member of your family, a good friend, members of a support group, or someone at the local Alzheimer Society.

Care partners often become isolated and lonely, so it is important to stay connected to people and share your feelings.