Common Changes to Expect
Common Changes to Expect

Part 5: What are possible changes in your daily activities?

Changes in daily activities can happen. They include changes in chores, eating habits, diet, career, etc. This can include anything that affects or alters the way you are used to living.


  • Needing more help from others
  • Enjoyment of food
  • Career - ability to work
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Hobbies, leisure activities

Examples from others who have experienced these changes:

"The money and household issues. I had to learn to trust myself when making decisions and rely on myself or hire someone to do things that needed to be done around the house."

"I try to take care of my own health... exercise classes, eat healthy food."

"Taking over cooking/laundry/planning/finances/some cleaning - when my wife can't figure things out."

"I suppose changing our lifestyle to care for [my wife] throughout the years. Planned retirement and casual employment was put on hold and eventually cancelled as a result of the continued deterioration of [my wife's] mental health and ability to look after herself."