Managing Stress

Part 1: What is Stress?

Stress is your response to a stressor such as an environmental condition or a stimulus.  It is your body's method of reacting to a challenge.

Care partner stress is a normal part of dementia caregiving.

Watch the video below. It introduces a bucket analogy to help us understand stress. The size of our bucket is an analogy of our stress tolerance.

While a big bucket indicates a high-stress tolerance, a smaller bucket means that you are more prone to the negative effects of stress.

Our tolerance level is a product of our genes, our personality and our life experiences, Therefore, the size of the bucket varies from person to person.

Regardless of bucket size, the first step for effective stress regulation is to get an overview of the water filling your bucket.

For reflection...

After you’ve watched the video, take a few minutes to reflect on the following questions.  Feel free to make some notes.

  • What stood out to you? What surprised you?

What will you continue to do in your role as a care partner to manage the negative effects of stress?  What will you stop or do differently?

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