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Did you know that what your family eats and drinks has an impact on their brain health? Here’s how to improve their eating habits AND improve their brain health at the same time.

Challenge Your Brain

Studies have shown that keeping your brain active by challenging your brain in new ways may help reduce the risk of developing Alzheimers disease. Research also shows that using your brain can build new cells and strengthen connections between them. This helps build up a safety net in case some brain cells are damaged or die.

Giving your brain a workout doesn't have to be difficult.Simply approach daily routines in new ways and you will be engaging new or little use pathways in your brain.

The research stresses the importance of overcoming routine and monotony in our daily lives and coming up with different ways of challenging your brain.

How exactly do you get your brain to workout?

It can be as simple as trying something new or changing the way you normally do something; for example dialling the phone or writing your name with your less dominant hand. Learning a new game or language could also be something challenging. The goal is to give your brain a new experience and a workout each and every day. Think about things that you might be interested in trying to keep your brain active and healthy.


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