End of Life Care
End of Life Care

Part 4: A Non Verbal Communication Profile

Communication is BOTH verbal and non-verbal.  Both means of communication are important, however, non-verbal communication becomes an even more valuable tool when connecting with a person with dementia at end of life.

Watching the body language of the person with dementia may help us to understand their needs better.  And your knowledge of the meaning behind the person's non verbal cues can be important information for everyone involved in caring for the person at end of life.

Download and print a few copies of the activity sheet below.  Take a few minutes to review and complete the questions.  Plan to share a copy of the profile with each person involved in the care of the person with dementia.

, Download File,

Additional Reading

A Caregiver's Guide: Available from http://www.stlazarus.ca/english/projects_pages/palliativecare_pages/caregiversguide.html

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