End of Life Care
End of Life Care

Part 1: End of Life Care: Palliative Care

The experience of dying is different for each person. It comes in its own time and its own way. However, the process of dying often follows a somewhat predictable path. Several physiological (physical) changes signal that death is near. Knowing what to expect during this difficult time can lessen some of the fears and worries.

Watch this video and learn from palliative care practitioner Shari Young, about how you can help improve the comfort of the person you are caring for.

For reflection....

After you've watched the video, take a few minutes to reflect on the following questions.  Feel free to make some notes.

  • What key points stood out to you in the video?
  • What will you continue to do to ensure the comfort of the person you are caring for? 
  • What will you stop or do differently?

Additional Reading

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