Maintaining the Connection
Maintaining the Connection

Part 2: Connecting through the Senses

Even if the person with dementia can't communicate verbally or no longer recognizes you, they likely will still be able to communicate in other ways and feel your affection and reassurance.

Watch this video to learn about some suggested activities that provide sensory stimulation.  These can be engaged in with little expended energy and include ideas related to:

  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Vision
  • Hearing

Feel free to make some notes as you listen and keep track of ideas that you might like to try.

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For reflection....

After you watch the video, take a few minutes to reflect on the following questions.  Feel free to make some notes.

  • What suggestions stood out for you as you listened?
  • What will you continue to do in your role as a care partner to connect through the senses with the person you are caring for? 
  • What will you stop or do differently?


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