Planning Ahead: Advance Care Planning

Part 5: Last Will and Testament

A Will is a legal statement of a person’s last wishes about how to divide his or her property after death.  The property that is distributed as per the instructions in a Will is known as the “estate”. When you make a Will, you are known as the testator.  The person you put in charge of carrying out your wishes as expressed in the Will is called an Personal Representative.

Here we have a conversation with lawyer, Doris Bonora.  It is one of several videos in this session where we find out what legal and financial documents need to be prepared and what needs to be done to ensure the concerns and wishes of the person living with dementia are met.

In this video, Doris explains the importance of a Last Will and Testament. 

Feel free to make some notes as you listen.

Key Points

In Alberta, and in every province in Canada, a Will must be in writing.  Consult a lawyer early about making a Will.  He or she has a lot of expertise that you can call upon in matters like tax consequences, international matters, trusts, making suitable arrangements for young children, and many other issues.

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