Planning Ahead: Advance Care Planning
Planning Ahead: Advance Care Planning

Part 7: Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada (2023)

People living with dementia have the right to make choices. Advance Care Planning is a deeply personal process that should reflect an individual's unique perspectives, experiences, and values. Each person living with dementia should be afforded the right to plan for what feels right for them.

Please read the full statement from the Alzheimer Society of Canada.

Discussing end-of-life options can be challenging. To support you in those conversations, here is an Alberta Health Services booklet highlighting all options, including MAID.

As mentioned earlier in this session, the My Wishes Alberta Workbook can also help guide your reflection.

The availability of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) varies by province. Here is information specific to Alberta and the Northwest Territories.


Northwest Territories