Saying Good-Bye and Moving Forward

Part 3: Memories of a Lifetime

You will always remember the person who died.  That person played an important part in your life so keep the memories alive in your heart and mind.  Take comfort in knowing that by giving care in the final stages of life, you shared in the most loving act of support and comfort.  (Extracted from:  A Caregiver's Guide: A Handbook About End-of-Life Care)

Take some time now to think about the person you are caring for.

Download and print a copy of the activity sheet below.  Reflect on and answer the questions:

  • What are your favorite stories concerning the person you are caring for?
  • What were the best times you shared together?
  • What did he/she do that made him/ her special?  What made him or her "tick"? 
  • Who were the key people in his/her life?  What effect did he/she have on other people? 

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