Common Changes to Expect
Common Changes to Expect

Part 2: What are possible changes in roles and relationships?

Changes in roles and relationships often happen when your family member moves into a care facility.


  • Changes in who does the caregiving (i.e. facility staff)
  • Being responsible for making major decisions
  • Learning to care for yourself
  • Learning to reconnect with your family member in a new setting

Examples from others who have experienced these changes:

"After I initiated care from others what happened [was] I became the daughter again."

"I didn't have to, you know, be on guard all the time which again was freedom within myself . . . but I looked forward to going up there every day to visit [her]."

"It's like a, uh, permanent part-time job! You know, to a certain degree."

"I hear this all the time: €˜you've got to cut down, you've got to take care of yourself.'"

"Think about what you want to do for yourself. Then I realised, €˜You know what, I don't know what to do anymore.' I'd been looking after my mom, my dad, and that's the best I can do."

"My hope is that somehow there would be some kind of a teaching to show the whole family that they have to stand together in order for it to work well. Because even though there's a facility for your loved one, it still takes family to keep that loved one content."

"But I also accept that this is where we are, and that there isn't anything you can really do to change the situation, other than see him as often as possible, give him the support."