Common Changes to Expect
Common Changes to Expect

Part 3: What are possible environmental changes?

Changes in the physical environment include the change of location from home or hospital to long-term care, as well as changes to your home now that your family member/friend is living in a care home.


  • Living without your family member/friend
  • Downsizing your home now that your family member/friend is in care
  • Letting go of material possessions

Examples from others who have experienced these changes:

"I'm not very motivated to do anything at home . . . I used to cook good meals for my husband and myself, now I don't want to cook at all...."

"But then suddenly, you're living at home alone, and the biggest project was downsizing. I'm still downsizing. We've got so many things that I have a hard time getting rid of, but still, bit by bit-"

"Then, here comes the downsizing, and are you going to stay in your house or move to an apartment; that's things you have to think about, for sure."

"When we talk about lightening the load, the major load is the material attachments. So I let the material stuff go, and I had a better life. When I look back, that was the best thing that I have ever done."