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Part 3: Everyday hope

Some people find that writing and then thinking about what gives them hope can be useful to gain or keep a sense of hope.

Guide: Hope is important for everyone, but especially for people who may be experiencing grief and loss (also see the Resources section for information on grief and loss). Write below what gives you hope today. Thinking about what helps you to have hope today is an exercise you can do every day. Some ideas include:

  • Make note of what reminds you of hope or gives you hope (for example, a photo, poem, song or piece of music)
  • Think about how you might connect with your family member/friend when you next visit, which may help you to feel hopeful 

Connecting with Hope
This is a video that reflects the hope experience of family caregivers of persons with dementia living in Long Term Care Facilities. It was funded by the Nursing Research Chair in Aging and Quality of Life (15 minutes). 
Use the following link to see the film: Connecting with Hope


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