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Part 9: Goals for care at the End of Life

Guide: Write your thoughts about the goals of care you wish your family member/friend to receive as they approach end of life, based on previous discussions or understanding of your family member/friend's wishes. Remember to consider supports that you need as well.

  • Think about the changes your family member/friend may experience as they approach end of life
  • Begin to write what type of care you would want your family member/friend to receive at the end of life
  • What is most important to your family member/friend?
  • Discuss this with other carers and family/friends

The facility and staff may want more detailed information, but this activity is to get you to begin to think about the goals for care at the end of life, now.

You can also see the Preparing for the future question prompt sheet, designed by and used with the permission of Genevieve Thompson*. It was designed to help family caregivers of persons living with dementia with communication between family members and care facility staff.

*Thompson, Genevieve. 2015. Preparing for the Future: Learning about Dementia and Care near the End of Life. Dignity in Care: Manitoba Palliative Care Research Unit (Unpublished).

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