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Part 6: Working Together

Working with care home staff so they can meet your family member’s unique needs requires communication and relationship building on both sides.

Guide: Think about how you would like to communicate and work with staff at the care home your family member/friend is at. Answer the questions below to get some ideas about what to communicate with staff.

  • What do you want the facility to know about you and your family member/friend (make a short list of points to share – this can also include pictures)?
  • What should your health care providers know about your family member/friend as a person to give them the best care possible?
    • What would you want any staff member to know about you/them as a person?
    • Likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests, favourite foods, previous occupation
    • Are there special qualities you would want them to see?
    • Are there key roles or relationships you want them to know about?
    • Are there specific concerns, or important beliefs, you would want them to be aware of?
  • Get to know the staff who are caring for your family member/friend. Make a list of their names.
  • Make a list of what is most important to you about the care provided for your family member/friend (i.e. My wife is very proud of her appearance).

For tips on advocacy and communicating with staff, see the helpful resources section.

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